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The Programs we offer


Two-week Training Program

The easiest way to learn Bigu Qigong is online with our classes, one hour a day, where over the course of two weeks by watching Dr. Gao’s video lessons, any time of day that fits your schedule. Dr. Gao and qualified instructors will provide feedback and direction on daily base in the two weeks program.

In this program, you are not only learn HOW to do the exercise, but HOW to get better result in this two-week program like in the TV or News paper interview.



Self-Massage It is highly recommended, it may improve your health and prevent diseases . It has a long history of promoting anti-aging and self-healing. It is simple to learn. Each massage movement provides its own health benefit.

The video includes two portions, teaching portion and follow along portion. Teaching portion demonstrates how to do it, explains each movement and its associated benefit follows. Follow along portion is less verbal explanation so you can follow the video doing the massage with the least interruption after you understand how to do it and each movement’s benefit.


Self Learning Program

If you feel confident working on your own, you can follow the suggested program schedule, by reading Dr. Gao’s book ” Breathing yourself thin” and watching the video online. It takes you through the program step by step to achieve your optimal weight goal.

Bigu Qigong is easy to learn. You can learn HOW to do the exercise in less than an hour. Your success depends on your learning pace and effort.
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Bigu Qigong is easy to learn and very effective for the goal of achieving and maintaining an optimal weight without side effects. “Sylvia Gorup had dieted and regained weight several times through the years. She had been exercising five days a week and ‘kind of watched what I was eating . . .’ but hadn’t seen any change in her weight.” In a Bigu Qigong class, she “lost 18 pounds during the two weeks and continued to lose afterward . . . .” She “lost 30 pounds in about five months and has kept the weight off” (The Wichita Eagle, “Qigong Takes, Keeps Her Extra Weight off,” June 29, 1999).