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Bigu Qigong

Lose Weight by Breathing

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What can Bigu Qigong do?

Watch this interview with Dr. Gao from ABC affiliate KAKE News

Bigu Qigong

“I’ve lost almost 10 pounds in 14 days, really super exciting because I didn’t work out and I ate the same food as I would prior to coming here.”

– Brandi B.

Play the video to see how Brandi did that

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Can Bigu Qigong work for people like me?

Find out in the Wichita Eagle newspaper interview below

Qigong takes, keeps her extra weight off

She lost 18 pounds during the two weeks and continued to lose afterward; weight loss among class members ranged from five to 22 pounds. Gorup ate what she wanted but found that she could no longer easily digest some foods.

Because she could eat what she wanted, she felt no sense of denial. She took the class again earlier this year, along with three co-workers. This time, she lost four or five pounds; the co-workers lost about 10 pounds each. She hasn’t regained any of the weight…

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Eagle interview for Bigu qigong
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What is Bigu Qigong?

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To reveal the ancient secret for optimal weight

Qigong has been a part of Chinese medicine for more than 2,000 years. Throughout the long history of Qigong, thousands of techniques for different health purposes have been developed. Bigu Qigong is a Qigong exercise that harmonizes the mind and breath with a specific body position to achieve hunger control and to improve the function of internal organs.

Bigu Qigong mainly focus on weight management. It is easy to learn, has quick-to-see results, and promotes overall health improvement.

To date, thousands of people have learned the practice of Bigu Qigong through his class and the minimum average weight loss is 6 lbs for a group over the two week period. Last few years, he  started to train instructors to meet the demand. In the instructor class students kept asking him to write a book to share Bigu Qigong. 

In 2017, Dr. Gao wrote and released a book called Breathing Yourself Thin to help introduce people to the concepts of Bigu Qigong.

Additionally, Dr. Gao developed and launched a comprehensive program to teach anyone Bigu Qigong, available as a online course where Dr. Gao and qualified instructors will provide feedback and direction on daily basis in the  two weeks program.

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What makes Bigu Qigong
so special?


No drugs or pills
Without side effects
No food limitations
Don't need weighing, measuring, or counting


Without strenuous exercise
No physical limitations
As long as you can sit or lie down comfortably, you can do Bigu Qigong!

Two Rules

Only two rules need to follow:

1. Eat only when you are hungry
2. Drink only when you are thirsty


No equipment needed
You can learn the Bigu Qigong in less than an hour
For your Health
and optimal weight
You can be benefit for lifelong

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Enhance your other Weight loss program

Bigu Qigong can work alone or combine with any weight management program you choose

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Diet Program

Eating more or less, healthy diet or unhealthy diet, it will affect your weight management. But the ability to process the food by your internal organs plays a very important role.  You may find that you, and other family members eat same food, someone eat less, still gain weight, but others may not, even they eat more. Bigu Qigong does not only help you to control your appetite but also improves your internal organ’s function. 

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Physical Exercise

Physical exercise helps weight management. However, it may get opposite result from your goal if you make yourself too exhausted. Hormone imbalance is often be blamed for weight issue. Fatigue is one of main reason to cause hormone imbalance.  Your weight will be much easier to control if you know how to balance exercise, work, stress and relaxation. Bigu Qigong will help you for the balance.

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Achieving Your Goals

To maintain good health is a lifelong goal. So is keeping an optimal weight. The two-week-long course is only a tool, along with your personal and your classmates’ experience, to prove that you can “breath yourself thin” as was described in a KAKE TV interview. Bigu Qigong can benefit you as long as you live, if you use it. You will be totally independent in your weight management, as was discussed in the Wichita Eagle interview “Qigong Takes, Keeps Her Extra Weight Off.”

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What people
say about bigu qigong

I took Dr Gao’s online course and it really teaches you focus and patience and allows you to put your worries aside while you focus on yourself for 15 mins at a time 3 times a day. His breathing techniques help control hunger and allow for you to eat without dieting but in smaller portions. It doesn’t feel like you are missing out and I stopped binge eating which has always been hard for me.
from Amazon reviews
This is a fascinating guide to the Chinese method of attaining your optimal weight through breathing exercises. Dr. Gao explains the techniques clearly and even offers online videos to demonstrate the correct way to breathe. His research shows that patients who successfully complete the two-week program lose weight and keep it off. It’s a simple book to read, written in a way that incorporates Asian story-telling with practical tips on mind and body control.
Susan Dee
from Amazon reviews
You’ve decided to Change Your Life, Lose Weight, make your Health Priority Number One. This is no easy task, but Dr. Gao will help you attain your goals. I’ve known Dr. Gao for the past 15 years as my instructor, caregiver, colleague and friend and can attest, first hand, to the results revealed in this book. Why wait? Start your new life now!

Kevin Rieg, MD
Endorsement for the book

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