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Bigu Qigong – Ancient Secret for Optimal Weight

Learn to manage your weight with Bigu Qigong

Bigu Qigong – Breathing Yourself Thin

Breathing yourself thin

You’ve spent hours exercising. You’ve denied cravings with dieting. No matter what you’ve tried, there are some extra pounds you just can’t seem to shed. But have you tried…breathing?

KAKE TV introduces you to an ancient Chinese method that doesn’t take a lot of time and is really working for real Kansans.

Best of all, there’s no special diet or exercise!

Bigu Qigong – Breathing yourself thin. 



How does Bigu Qigong work?

Watch this interview with Dr. Gao from ABC affiliate KAKE News:

Can Bigu Qigong work for people like me?

Find out in the newspaper interview below:


 Name: Sylvia Gorup, Wichita.

 Personal: 48; married; two grown children; title officer at Security Abstract and Title.

Problem: Extra weight that “just kind of creeps on as you get older.” Gorup had dieted and regained weight several times through the years. She had been exercising five days a week and “kind of watched what I was eating, but not really,” but hadn’t seen any change in her weight.

What she did: Enrolled in a Qigong (chee-gong) weight management class at Evergreen Wellness Center, a Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic in Wichita. Lost 30 pounds in about five months and has kept the weight off.

How she did it: Qigong emphasizes breathing, meditation and stationary and moving exercises to enhance the flow of energy through the body. Gorup started a 30-day exercise class with a friend who was seeking relief for fibromyalgia. During the class, teacher Qizhi Gao talked about using Qigong for weight loss; class members talked him into offering the weight loss class…

She lost 18 pounds during the two weeks and continued to lose afterward; weight loss among class members ranged from five to 22 pounds. Gorup ate what she wanted but found that she could no longer easily digest some foods.

Because she could eat what she wanted, she felt no sense of denial. She took the class again earlier this year, along with three co-workers. This time, she lost four or five pounds; the co-workers lost about 10 pounds each. She hasn’t regained any of the weight…

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Bigu Qigong has:

  • No drugs or pills
  • No food limitations
  • No weighing, measuring, or counting
  • No strenuous exercise
  • No side effects
  • No physical limitations
  • As long as you can sit or lie down comfortably, you can do Bigu Qigong!

Breathing Yourself Thin

Ancient Secret for Optimal Weight by Dr. Gao

About Dr. Qizhi Gao

Dr. Qizhi Gao, D.O.M., Dipl. OM, as a Chinese Medicine practitioner and educator, has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine since 1980 and has 40 years’ experience as a Qigong Practitioner and Instructor.

In 2017, Dr. Gao wrote and released a book called Breathing Yourself Thin to help introduce people to the concepts of Bigu Qigong.

Additionally, Dr. Gao developed and launched a comprehensive program to teach anyone Bigu Qigong, available as a self-taught system using videos, or online classes where Dr. Gao will provide feedback and direction.

Qigong has been a part of Chinese medicine for more than 2,000 years. Throughout the long history of Qigong, thousands of techniques for different health purposes have been developed. Bigu Qigong is a Qigong exercise that harmonizes the mind and breath with a specific body position to achieve hunger control and to improve the function of internal organs.

Bigu Qigong mainly focus on weight management. It is easy to learn, has quick-to-see results, and promotes overall health improvement.

The easiest way to learn Bigu Qigong is online with our classes, available now, where over the course of two weeks you will learn Bigu Qigong directly with an expert Bigu Qigong instructor, any time of day that fits your schedule. The two-week class will give you a tool to help you achieve your optimal weight. You can use what you learn for the rest of your life!


“I’ve lost almost 10 pounds in 14 days, really exciting because I didn’t work out and I ate the same food as I would prior to coming here.”

Brandy B.

“I lost 18 pounds during the two weeks and continued to lose afterward … 30 pounds in five months and I have kept the weight off.”

Sylvia G.

“A new take on weightloss that not only works, it is a great tool to use as needed to keep the weight off indefinitely. Don’t let extra pounds slow you down or ruin your health, this book gives a unique approach to solve weight problems through a practice similar to meditation. Following the practice daily gives results! I took a class in this 5 years ago and was pleasantly surprised with the results, now I’m happy to have the book as a refresher and to keep in my reference library.”

S.W. - from amazon book review

“I took Dr Gao’s online course and it really teaches you focus and patience and allows you to put your worries aside while you focus on yourself for 15 mins at a time 3 times a day. His breathing techniques help control hunger and allow for you to eat without dieting but in smaller portions. It doesn’t feel like you are missing out and I stopped binge eating which has always been hard for me.”

Angela - from amazon book review