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Weight management is for your health. To maintain good health is a lifelong goal, so is keeping an optimal weight.

Bigu Qigong includes all the elements necessary for success—food intake reduction, exercise, and mental discipline — without the pitfalls of the usual Western weight management programs. It can be practiced independently as a weight loss program. It can also work with any other weight management program.

Dr. Gao has developed a variety of ways for you to learn to utilize Bigu Qigong. See what we offer below:

Buy Dr. Gao’s book, Breathing Yourself Thin and learn the techniques to achieve success

Ready to learn more about Bigu Qigong? Order a copy of Dr. Gao’s book to discover this Qigong technique for weight management. The book introduces you to the program and is easy to read and follow along.

Buy the Book

$22.75 Hardcover

$13.13 Paperback

$3.99 Kindle book (read now)


Learn Bigu Qigong yourself via a digital download package

If you feel confident working on your own, download the package below for a copy of my book and a video series that takes you through the program step by step.

Ready to take the first step? Download the package below or view the materials to get started on your own program.



Take Bigu Qigong Classes from Dr. Gao online

If you would like help learning Bigu Qigong, you can enroll in an excellerated online course where Dr. Gao will teach you proper technique and review your results. In this two-week, fully online course, you will learn how to do Bigu Qigong correctly.

Enroll in the Online Course