Looking for an alternative workout and something totally different!  If so this unique breathing and massage technique is an alternative to sweat driven workouts.  Breathing Yourself Thin with Bigu Qigong offers a unique online weight management program.  You can select from a two week training course or a three month self learning course.  See below for promo code to save 20 percent off.


Bigu Qigong is a Qigong exercise that harmonizes the mind and breath with a specific body position to achieve hunger control and to improve the function of internal organs. Bigu Qigong is easy to learn and very effective for the goal of achieving and maintaining an optimal weight without side effects.

“Sylvia Gorup had dieted and regained weight several times through the years. She had been exercising five days a week and ‘kind of watched what I was eating . . .’ but hadn’t seen any change in her weight.” In a Bigu Qigong class, she “lost 18 pounds during the two weeks and continued to lose afterward . . . .” She “lost 30 pounds in about five months and has kept the weight off” (The Wichita Eagle, “Qigong Takes, Keeps Her Extra Weight off,” June 29, 1999).

“Brandy Brinkley is a mother of two and she’s tried dozens of diets, but nothing’s worked. ‘I hope to get more healthy and I would like to lose 20 pounds.’ . . . ‘Well I’ve lost almost 10 pounds in 14 days, really exciting because I didn’t work out and I ate the same food as I would prior to coming here [Bigu Qigong Class]’“ (KAKE TV interview, “Breathing Yourself Thin,” February 3, 2011).


I have been doing the Breathing Yourself Thin’s Bigu Qigong program for over a week and love how energized it makes me feel.  In the mornings, I am usually very slow but now that I have started this program in my morning routine I feel more energized throughout the day.  I also have noticed myself snacking less and just overall feeling better.  I still have a ways to go but I like that I can do this program literally anywhere.

Ashley Dougherty